07 Activities

Activity running times: activities will run from 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm on Saturday and from 9.30am-12.30pm on Sunday.

Ticketed activities: we will have all of the Youlbury activities; these will operate on a ticked basis with 30-minute time-slots. Each Group will be provided with tickets for their young people (probably four per person) and we will ensure each Group has a fair mix of activities and times. It will then be up to each Group as to how these tickets are distributed to the young people attending.

Group activities: each Group will be asked to run activities based on total numbers attending – work on the basis that you will need to provide one adult to run activities (throughout each activity session, though it need not be the same person) for every 15 young people – so recruit some parents now if necessary! If you have any preferences as to which activities you run, please let us know, otherwise activities will be allocated – see the activities list for suggestions (but note that this list is not conclusive – we may not do everything on it!) Once we have final numbers we will work out exactly what is required and let Groups know; this information will be provided by Sunday 19th April.

Refreshments: you should have water/squash available at all times at your activity.

Adult hub: we will be running an adult hub (a mini version of what was provided at OxonJam). The plan is that we will be teaching adult skills, running forum discussions and providing TAs to validate modules. We will try to get a copy of the hub programme out in advance.

Tea and cakes: we are planning to repeat the tea and cakes sessions that we offered at the last District Camp. All leaders and helpers attending camp will be invited to come along at a specified time – invitations will be included in your registration pack.