09 Badge design competition and camp neckers

Competition: we are running a badge design competition, open to all young people in the District, to create a completely new Oxford Spires District badge (to be worn on uniforms in place of the existing one). The closing date for the competition will be Wednesday 31 January 2018. Full competition details can be downloaded here.

Winner: the designs will be shortlisted and the best design selected by way of a public vote. The winner will be announced during the opening ceremony, when a flag of the new badge will be broken: the winner will be given the flag to take away with them. Everyone attending camp will receive the badge at the end of camp and will be able to start wearing this on their uniform immediately.

Note: as this badge will replace the existing District badge we suggest you start running down your existing badge stock accordingly! If Groups wish to purchase additional badges for all those not attending camp they can  do so (details to follow). However, young people will be permitted to wear the existing badge until they change section, when they should receive the new badge. Adults should start wearing the new badge as soon as possible.

Necker: everyone attending camp will also receive a camp necker. These will be handed out to Group reps at the meeting in May so that they can be distributed in advance (provided that full payment has been received – otherwise they will form part of the registration pack).

ADC Cubs,
28 Aug 2017, 14:17