03 Before camp, arrival and allocated camping areas

Camping area: each Group will be allocated a site appropriate to total numbers that they are bringing (based on numbers submitted as at 25 March 2018). If you plan to camp with another Group, or have any particular access/other requirements/requests for your Group, please make sure that we are aware of these by the same date. A site plan will be provided at the final information meeting on 2 May.

Tent pitching: it will be possible to access the site to pitch tents from 4pm on the Thursday evening. Groups are welcome (encouraged!) to bring young people along to put up their own tents. Please note that space is limited: there will not be space available for each adult to bring a family tent of their own so please plan accordingly!

Explorers and Network: both will have their own allocated camping spaces. They will not be included within a Group’s space unless they have been registered as a part of the Group or we have been notified that they wish to camp with a Group.

: whilst not encouraged, generators are permitted on-site. However, use should be kept to an absolute minimum and they must be switched off by 10.30pm. We do need to take care over where these are positioned, so please let us know by 25 March 2018 if you are planning to bring one.

Campervans and caravans: it is not possible to park campervans or caravans on the campsites at Youlbury; however, if you have any members (adult or youth) who would be unable to attend camp if they had to sleep in a tent, please do contact us so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Signage: taking on-board feedback from 2015, will try to provide much improved signage around the site, together with detailed site plans!

District team: members of the District Team will be on site from 6pm to 9pm on Thursday (for tent pitching only) and from 4pm on Friday. It will possible to register your Group’s arrival any time after 6pm on Friday.

Young people arrival time – Friday evening: your young people may arrive any time from 4pm on Friday (provided that you have adults on site at this point) – there will not be allocated arrival slots so it is up to you when you tell them to arrive (though note that 7pm-8pm is likely to be pretty busy).

Young people arrival time – Saturday morning: young people should arrive at Youlbury to be on your site no later than 9am (this will give your Group time to make your way to the opening ceremony at 9.30am).

Getting to the site: the route to the camp site will not be signposted for the event; please ensure you provide parents with details of how to get to Youlbury. Parents should be asked to share lifts as far as possible. We will provide full parking information nearer the time but you will need to ensure in advance that your young people know how to get to your allocated camping area.