06 Opening and closing ceremonies and evening entertainment

Friday evening entertainment: there will be various activities available on the Friday evening. These will take place in the buildings and space around Gates 2 and 3 and will run from 7.30pm to 10pm. Activities will include a disco plus games, crafts and quiet activities. We are also hoping to run a treasure hunt/wide game (with bonus activity vouchers available as prizes!) and have some outdoor games (including football) going. Note that no-one will be allowed to participate without a wrist band so please register and distribute these first!

Saturday morning opening ceremony
: the first formal part of the programme will take place at 9.30am on Saturday morning (don’t be late – that is the actual start time!) with a uniformed (top half only) opening ceremony. Everyone should gather on top field – further details will be confirmed at the start of camp.

Saturday campfire and entertainment
: the campfire will take place from 7.30pm to 8.30pm – probably in the Dell (to be confirmed). There will be a PA system to ensure that everyone can hear properly and roped off walkways to enable access. There will be a range of entertainment available following the campfire, ending at 10pm.

Sunday flag break: this will take place at 9am on the top field and will incorporate a Scouts’ Own. In advance of the camp we would appreciate it if each Group should ask their young people to write a short prayer or reflection on the theme of celebrations. These should be submitted to us by Friday 11th May. We will select several of these to be included in the Scout’s Own with others will be displayed onsite.

Sunday street party
: this party will end the camp. Everyone should start to gather on top field from 12.30pm for a picnic party lunch (alternative wet weather arrangements will be made if needed). The party will conclude with birthday cake (and party bags!) at 2pm.