Groups and Explorer Units

We have 17 Groups in Oxford Spires, from Botley in the west to Thame in the east and from Kidlington in the north to Kennington in the south. There are:
  • 18 Beaver Colonies (at all Groups other than 37th Oxford, with two at each of 22nd, 40th and 1st Thame)
  • 23 Cub Packs (at all Groups, with two at each of 22nd, 33rd, 40th, 1st Thame and Wheatley)
  • 18 Scout Troops (at all Groups other than 3rd and 8th, with two at each of 22nd, 33rd and 1st Thame)
  • 9 Explorer Scout Units
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2nd Oxford: Ridgefield Road, Cowley
3rd Oxford: Mere Road, Wolvercote
4th Oxford: Arnold's Way, Botley
8th Oxford: Perrin Street, Headington
10th Oxford: William Street, New Marston
15th Oxford: Westminster Way, Botley
22nd Oxford: Meadow Lane, Donnington Bridge
28th Oxford: Fairlie Road, Littlemore
33rd Oxford: Blenheim Road, Kidlington
35th Oxford: Sandy Lane, Blackbird Leys
37th Oxford: Hollow Way, Cowley
40th Oxford: Otters Reach, Kennington
43rd Oxford: Boults Lane, Old Marston
54th Oxford: Collins Street, Cowley
1st Thame: Southern Road, Thame
Wheatley: Holloway Road, Wheatley
Yarnton: Merton Way, Yarnton

Explorer units
Amadeus: meet at 10th HQ
Angelmead: meet at 28th HQ
Aristocrats: meet at Wheatley HQ
Buzz: meet at 40th HQ
Falcon: meet at Yarnton HQ
Felix: meet at 37th HQ
Gordo: meet at 33rd HQ
Red Kite: meet at 1st Thame HQ
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