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Cubs 6-a-Side Football Tournament (9 June 2013)

posted 11 Jun 2013, 04:30 by ADC Cubs
We had eight teams for this year’s Cub 6-a-side football tournament, with Cubs playing from 2nd Oxford, 3rd Oxford, 33rd Jacala, 33rd Mowgli, 35th Oxford, Yarnton and Wheatley. We played a league style competition, with every team playing every other team. The standard of play was excellent, and the Cubs from 3rd Oxford were the winners, not losing a single match or conceding a single goal! Wheatley finished is second place and the fair play award went to 33rd Jacala Shere Khan.

Final results were as follows:
1. 3rd Oxford: 21 points (33 goals)
2. Wheatley: 16 points (14 goals)
3. Dream Team (2nd, 35th and Yarnton): 13 points (27 goals)
4. 33rd Jacala Raksha: 10 points (11 goals)
5. 33rd Mowgli A: 9 points (9 goals)
6. 33rd Jacala Baloo: 4 points (6 goals)
7. 33rd Mowgli B: 4 points (3 goals)
8. 33rd Jacala Shere Khan: 3 points (5 goals)