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Cubs Sixer and Seconder Camp

posted 16 Nov 2013, 04:43 by ADC Cubs
We had thirty seven Cubs, from Six different Packs, on this fantastic camp held at the 28th Oxford HQ in Littlemore.

The camp began at 9am on a rather cold and rainy Saturday morning, with putting up tents and getting beds set up inside. After a drink and snack we heard from a Scout leader about the kinds of things they can expect to do once they move up a section. It was then time to decide what they wanted to cook for dinner than night and plan the game that they wanted to run that afternoon, before making their sandwich lunches.

After lunch we found out all about what to take on a day hike before planning a route which would take us to Sainsbury's visiting different 15 roads along the way. It had fortunately stopped raining by this point, so we headed out, completed our hike and bought the food needed for dinner (poor Sainsbury's didn't know what hit them).

Back at the Scout HQ it was time to run the game - outdoors this year as we had so many Cubs. It gradually got darker and darker, to the point where it was tricky to see what we were doing and then we came back indoors and cooked up a feast (or seven feats). We had some wonderful menus, ranging from sausages and mash, through pasta and sauce, to stir-fired noodles. Puddings included fruit salads, pancakes and doughnuts. Once clearing up from dinner was complete, we had an indoor campfire, led by Roo, with marshmallows toasted over tealights. Thoroughly exhausted, the Cubs then went off to bed, wrapping themselves up warm!

The next morning was sunny and, while not warm, not as cold as had been forecast. After a good breakfast of sausages, bacon, eggy bread and beans we got into our smartest uniforms, straightened our neckers, attached our poppies and set off for the bus stop (bravely leaving our coats behind!) A very accepting bus driver welcomed us all on board and transported us to the city centre, in plenty of time for the parade (we even had an opportunity for group photos). The Cubs were very smart and beautifully behaved throughout the ceremony and parade.

It was then time to head back to Littlemore and we arrived at the bus stop just in time to see a bus pulling away ... with a 15 minute wait in the cold ahead of us we played some games and did the conga, much to the amusement of everyone else queuing for the bus (they seemed less amused when the realised we were all getting on the bus). Though we did manage to keep warm with our games, it was still a relief when the bus showed up and we were able to fill the top deck - until disaster struck and our bus broke down! Fortunately we were allowed to stay on board until the next bus arrived and Roo led us in some songs in the meantime ("The wheels on the bus don't go round..."). 

We eventually made it back to camp at around 1.30pm - by this point we were very ready for our lunches, and filled up on sandwiches fruit and cake, before taking the tents down. The wonderful sunshine had done such a good job of drying them out that we were able to put most of them straight back into their bags. All that was then left was cleaning the hall before a closing ceremony which included prizes for the winning team and the presentation of a Sixer badge.

Thank you to everyone who took part and all the adults who helped make it such a wonderful camp!