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District Cub Camp

posted 14 Jul 2012, 01:57 by ADC Cubs   [ updated 14 Jul 2012, 01:57 ]
For a while it looked like our District Cub Camp was going to be a complete wash out, but at about 4pm on Friday afternoon the rain stopped, and three hours later more than 200 Cubs arrived.

The camp opened on Friday evening with a candle lit opening ceremony. The Cubs formed five rings, and each Cub carried a candle attached to a CD in red, yellow, green, blue or purple. The first candles were list and then the flame was passed around the circle until it reached our T-shirt competition winning torch bearers, who together lit our Olympic torch.

On Saturday morning we started the day with a great big warm up, led by our brightly coloured DC. Once the Cubs were stretched out and wide awake they got into their sixteen different countries and made a start on the activities. All of them were in mixed teams so that they were able to meet Cubs from all over the District whilst completing challenges ranging from cycling, through volleyball, to a treasure hunt and an Olympics quiz. For each activity completed they earned either a bronze, silver or gold medal, and all of the medals were recorded on a central medal table.

On Saturday evening we had a fantastic camp fire (again run by Paul Thompson, our brightly coloured DC) - and it stayed dry for the whole thing!

Sunday morning began with a Cub Scout's Own, run by Alison, with Cubs reading out prayers that they had written on an Olympic theme. The teams then completed their remaining bases before lunch, increasing their medal total to 16. After lunch we ran a series of relay races, again competing for medals, before the final count was completed. 

At 2.30pm we held a closing ceremony - the start of which was signalled by the playing of the Olympic theme. The medal competition was won by Belgium, with Botswana a close second and Costa Rica in third. The athletes from each team received their gold, silver and bronze medals as their national anthems played in the background. Every Cub on camp also received their Athletics badge.

The rain started again at 3.30pm, just as the Cubs were leaving and after most of the tents had been taken down!