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District Cubs Kub Kar Competition

posted 8 Feb 2014, 15:01 by ADC Cubs
It's known as Pinewood Derby in America and Kub Kars in Canada and now it has arrived in Oxford! Take a block of wood, four plastic wheels and some nails and see what you can create ...

We received our kits before Christmas, giving us plenty of time to come up with some pretty impressive vehicles, including a hot dog, a cheetah, an American school bus and an F1 car!

The Cubs and their cars finally came together in Kidlington on 8th February, with almost 100 Cubs from eight different Packs (4th, 10th, 28th, 33rd Jacala, 35th, 43rd, Thame and Yarnton). After being meticulously weighed and checked for compliance with the rules the cars were each assigned a number and placed in their garages ready for the contest.

While the Cubs were hearing the rules, the design competition was being judged by an expert panel of leaders and parents - we got 25 adults to each pick their top three cars; the cars earned three points for a first place, two points for second place and one point for third place. Car number 19 (the snazzy F1 Car from Thame) was the clear winner, with the bus in second and third going to a 43rd Oxford creation.

The races then began: distance races took place on a steep track, seeing how far they managed to keep going once they came off; and speed races took place on the long track, seeing which car reached the end first. The races operated on an elimination basis, with one contest for distance and two for speed. After a series of knock-out rounds we found a first, second and third place in every category, including the leaders' speed contest. Medals were awarded in each category and a special mention goes to car 19 which was placed in each contest - winners of the races also received William's F1 caps.

Every Cub who took part did a great job and everyone had a wonderful time - and got to keep their fantastic cars at the end. And we had a brilliant end to the day with the award of six Chief Scout's Silver Awards, so an extra special well done to those Cubs!