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District Cubs Treasure Hunt

posted 26 Mar 2014, 14:07 by ADC Cubs   [ updated 26 Mar 2014, 14:11 ]
Our first ever District Cubs Treasure Hunt took place on the afternoon of Sunday 23 March. A total of 137 Cubs, from 14 different Packs gathered at Falkland's House in Oxford, split into 31 teams of between three and six Cubs and were given their hunt packs. At 2pm they set off into the city centre, armed with a map and the following tasks:
  • Collect 10 items specified on a list (including a fortune cookie and a stranger's autograph), plus fill a matchbox and a beanbag
  • Answer 10 questions about locations marked on the map
  • Take 10 specified photos, with a "Happyland" character in each one
  • Identify where 10 photos were taken
  • Complete five different challenges
They had a (damp and chilly) hour and a half, before returning at 3.30pm to get their items checked, their photos viewed and their answers marked. The winners were The Odd Kids from 33rd Jacala Cubs, scoring an amazing 99.5 points. Starstruck, the Wheatley team, came second with 89 points while third place was taken by Crocodile Hunters, also of 33rd Jacala, with 84.5 points.

The Cubs all seemed to have a good time, though we did receive a few complaints about how far they had to walk and the fact that they got hailed on!

Final scores are shown below: