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District Cub Athletics Day

The Basics

: Saturday, 15 July 2018
: 9:30am registration ready for 10:00am start
Finish: 3:45pm ceremony, finish at about 4.15pm
Location: Horspath Athletics & Sports Ground, Horspath Road, Oxford, OX4 2RR (see map)

Cost: £5 per Cub, in cash, payable on the day – covers cost of venue hire, medals and badges. 
WearSuitable athletics clothing – shorts, t-shirt and trainers, plus something warm over the top
Bring: Bag with packed lunch, water bottle, sunscreen/hat if hot, waterproofs if wet/cold, money for refreshments (optional)
We would be grateful for donations of cakes and biscuits to sell on the day - please ask parents to bring something along!

Sports Day Schedule
Schedule: Click here to view the full schedule for the day - Cubs will be in eight groups and will all have a go at everything
Information for parents: parents information sheet in PDF format - click here to download
Cub worksheet: this needs to be completed and brought along on the day - click here to download

Registration Form
Registration deadline
: Sunday 1 July 2018 - click here for the registration form

Please note that we require exact numbers so that we can plan groups in advance – we appreciate that there may be slight changes after this date (let us know any changes as soon as possible) but please do not just submit an estimate of numbers!

General information
We have planned the day so that all Cubs who attend and participate fully will receive their Athletics badge, provided that they also complete a worksheet in advance that they bring along on the day. In addition, Cubs who reach the required standard will earn their Athletics Plus badge. The Cubs will also be individually competing for medals in those events that contribute towards the Athletics Plus badge and will be competing as a team in the group assault course event.

Once spaces have been booked we will provide sufficient printed worksheets to the leader who made the booking – it is then up to the leader to ensure that they are distributed and brought along on the day (to be handed in with the Pack registration sheet). Additional worksheets can be downloaded here. We have also prepared a parents information sheet with all the required information that you can download here – but please feel free to use your own format if you prefer.

On the day and adult help needed
See the schedule for details of how the day will be structured. Please note the following:
  • We will need adults to help with running the eight different bases and with accompanying the eight teams – once we have final Cub numbers we will let you know how many adults we need your Pack to provide, but please work on the basis that we’ll need at least one adult (leader, parent or capable young leader) for every five Cubs you’re bringing. Specific jobs will be allocated on the day – those who arrive first can pick what they do!
  • All Cubs will be split into one of eight groups. Based on current estimates we expect each group to have around 10-12 Cubs. 
  • Each group will include Cubs from several different Packs: once we have final numbers Packs will also be told how many of their Cubs are allocated to each group but will need to decide for themselves how to split their own Cubs (there will be at least two Cubs from the same Pack in a group – no Cubs will be on their own). 
If you have any questions please contact
ADC Cubs,
7 Apr 2014, 08:56
ADC Cubs,
27 Feb 2018, 11:41