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District Cub Camp

The information on this page will be kept up-to-date. Please see the attachments section at the end of the page to download documents and information.

Date and time: 6.30pm on Friday 6th July (staggered arrivals) to 3.00pm on Sunday 8th July 2012
Location: Horley Scout Camp Site, near Banbury
Cost: £20 per Cub, £5 per adult (includes camp fess, programme costs and T-shirt)

Please note the following dates:
Friday 25th May 2012: Final numbers and balance due (it will only be possible to add the odd extra Cub after this date)
Thursday 21st June 2012: Final information meeting (8.30pm, 40th HQ)
Friday 29th June 2012: Deadline for submitting your NAN to Paul Thompson (each Pack must submit their own information – see the note on the 5th edition of the NAN Form)

General information:
NAN and health forms
  • Each Pack should submit its own NAN for this camp – we are not able to use of a single NAN for the whole District camp (see the note on the 5th edition of the NAN form). Note that there is no requirement that a paper form be used, simply that the relevant information be communicated to the District Commissioner at least 7 days before the camp.
  • We will be holding a central register of health forms – please ensure that you bring a copy of each form for yourself as well as a copy for the District (forms are required for every person – adult and child – on camp). The reason for this is that your Cubs will not necessarily be with one of your leaders at all times. We are not providing a set form as it is recognised that everyone has their own forms that they like to use.
Setting up plus arrival and departure times
  • We are hoping that it will be possible to access the site from Thursday evening to get set up. This will be confirmed as soon as possible. We will also confirm whether there will be an additional charge for any adults wishing to stay overnight on the Thursday.
  • Arrangements with regards to vehicle access onto the site and parking over the course of the weekend will also be confirmed as soon as possible.
  • Each Pack will be given an assigned camping area (everyone will have plenty of space, based on numbers given on their final application form). Where you are camping will depend partly on the space/facilities that you need for your selected base. If you are planning to camp with another Pack please ensure that you specify this on your application form.
  • To keep congestion to a minimum we will be giving staggered arrival times, between 18.30 and 19.30. If you would prefer to arrive after 19.30 that is fine but please let us know when you expect to arrive.
  • We would prefer that everyone arrives on Friday evening as this enables all Cubs to participate in the opening ceremony. If this is not possible for some reason the Pack must be onsite by 9am on Saturday so that Cubs are ready to be divided into their teams (the odd one or two who have to come late are acceptable but we must be notified of this in advance). 
  • If Cubs (or Packs) need to leave early this is fine, though please note that no discount will be given for late arrivals or early departures. However, Packs must ensure that arrangements are made to provide their bases right through until 12.30pm on the Sunday. Please ensure that we are notified of any early departures as this may affect how we divide up the teams.
  • Packs will need to ensure that they have removed everything from the site on Sunday – the deadline for this will be confirmed as soon as possible.
Opening and closing ceremony
  • We will fly the Olympic flag alongside the Union Jack. The opening ceremony will incorporate a candle-lit torch relay and an Olympic torch will be kept burning throughout the weekend.
  • We are hoping to have an Olympic athlete at the closing ceremony to present gold, silver and bronze medals to the top three teams.
  • All Cubs who attend the whole camp and participate in all activities will gain their Athletics Badge. These will be awarded as a part of the closing ceremony.
T-shirt medal design competition
All Cubs attending the camp are invited to take part in this design competition. Cubs need to design a medal, incorporating the words "Oxford Spires Olympics Camp 2012", using the template provided.
  • All entries must be submitted to Rebecca Ebdon, together with a completed application form (included with the template, address on the form), no later than Friday 20th April. No late entries will be accepted. 
  • The entries will be reviewed by the camp programme team and the shortlisted entries will be published on this website on Sunday 29th April. It will then be possible to vote on the entries up to the end of Friday 25th May.
  • The winning entry will be incorporated into the camp T-shirts (which everyone will receive as a part of the camp cost). In addition, the winner will be given the honour of lighting the camp Olympic flame and two runners up will be given roles in the Camp opening ceremony.
  • All Cubs will be split into one of 16 teams. Based on current estimates, each team will have around 15 Cubs. Each team will be allocated a country to represent:
  1. Belgium
  2. Botswana
  3. Canada
  4. Chile
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Fiji
  7. Ghana
  8. Iceland
  9. Kenya
  10. Latvia
  11. Nepal
  12. New Zealand
  13. Peru
  14. Portugal
  15. Switzerland
  16. Thailand
  • Each team will include Cubs from at least three different Packs: once we have final numbers Packs will be told how many of their Cubs are allocated to which country but will decide for themselves how to split their own Cubs (there will be at least two Cubs from the same Pack in a team – no Cubs will be on their own). Packs will be expected to tell their Cubs which country team they are in before flag break on Saturday morning. 
  • Each team will also have a designated leader with them during all team activities – Packs will be asked to supply a set number of adults for this purpose based on numbers attending (the adult may change over the course of the weekend).
Activity bases
  • There will be a total of 16 activity bases which all Cubs will complete in their teams over the course of the weekend. Each base should be designed to last for 25 minutes. There will be a five minute changeover time between bases. Packs running bases will need to provide refreshments at set times to the Cubs currently on their base (see programme). They should also ensure that water/squash is available throughout. Please note: for Cubs with particular dietary requirements, the Pack which the Cub is from should ensure that they have suitable snacks with them (which can be given to the accompanying adult for safe keeping). Packs are not expected to make arrangements to cater for this when planning to snacks they will be providing at their base.
  • Bases have been broadly planned by the programme team but we will be asking each Pack to select a base (or bases) to run – see list below. The bases are each linked (in some cases very loosely!) to an Olympic sport and together provide a mix of sporting activities, quizzes, games and problem solving challenges. Packs will be reimbursed for reasonable programme expenses on provision of receipts (at or before the camp).
  • At each base the Cubs will be awarded points based on their performance during the activity. These points will equate to a gold, silver or bronze medal. A central medal table will show the medals earned by each country and will be used to determine the overall winners at the end of the weekend. It will be up to the Packs running the bases as to how points are awarded and how many points earn which medals – however, do try to ensure that a good spread of medals will be achieved by participating teams.
  • On Sunday there will also be team races which will contribute towards the overall score.
  • When we know who is doing what, we will design the camp layout and the order of the bases to enable a straightforward move from one activity to the next in a circle (in so far as this is possible!)
  1. Gymnastics: this needs to include the jumps required for Athletics Badge requirement 6 (sargent jump and standing jump) plus various other types of gymnastics eg forward rolls, backwards rolls, headstands, cartwheels, star jumps, balance on one foot, skipping, hoola hoop.
  2. Canoe Slalom: blindfold trail through the woods – each stage reached successfully is a “gate” in the slalom – see how quickly the team can get through.
  3. Archery: we will make use of the archery facilities at Horley. Paul Wheeler will run this base.
  4. Equestrian: identify different sporting equipment and match it to the sport it’s used for, plus be able to explain how it improves safety. Each one they get right is a cleared jump (this is one with a very loose association!) – cover Athletics Badge requirement 2.
  5. Athletics: throwing base to include all of the throws in Athletics Badge requirement 3 – cricket ball, bean-bags into a bucket, football throw.
  6. Boxing: giant inflatable boxing gloves (equipment will be provided).
  7. Wrestling: huge sumo suits – try to knock each other out of the ring.
  8. Football: giant human table football – play as normal for about 10 minutes and then make into a Paralympic sport by blindfolding them all.
  9. Weightlifing: Olympic quiz covering history, sports, personalities – assign a “weight” to each question and let them try increasingly weighty questions – add up the total weight that they manage to lift as a team.
  10. Pentathlon: obstacle course (incorporating the course at Horley if you want) – includes shooting (eg they have to try and hit a target with a ball), fencing (eg they have to use a long stick to accurately touch points on a board as quickly as they can), horse jumping (eg they have to jump over a series of obstacles), swimming (eg they have to “swim” along the ground) and running.
  11. Shooting: Olympic rings hoopla – create a hoopla with five sticks – they have to try and throw colour hoops onto the correct coloured sticks.
  12. Basketball: match up Olympic countries, capitals and flags and find them on a world map – score a basket for each one they get correct but receive a penalty for those which are wrong (another loose association!)
  13. Hockey: street hockey taster session (equipment can be supplied if necessary).
  14. Rowing: grass skis – follow a course, working as a team to get round (may need several sets of skis – quite a few packs have them so ask if extras are required).
  15. Volleyball: play a game of catch volleyball (Cubs struggle with real volleyball!)
  16. Cycling: bring along some bikes and safety equipment and get the Cubs to cycle round a course (probably four cycling at one time – five minutes each on the bikes).
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