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District Cub Kub Kar

The Basics
Date: Saturday, 28 March 2020

Finish: TBC
Location: The Oxford Academy, Sandy Ln W, Littlemore, Oxford OX4 6JZ (see map)
Cost: £6.50 per kit. 

WearSuitable clothing, to include Cub jumper and necker.

Bring: Kub Kar

Registration Form
Registration deadline
: Tuesday 31 December 2020 (details have been sent to leaders by email)

What are Kub Kars?
Kub Kars are toy racing cars built from kits.  Each kit contains a block of pine, plastic wheels and metal axles.  The wood is cut to the Cub Scouts’ specifications.  The Cubs then sand, add paint, and other embellishments for both speed and style.  Kars are raced, often three at a time, down a sloped wooden track.  Sometimes electronic timers are used.  Cubs can also demonstrate a great deal of creativity in making their Kar.


The only rules are as set out in the instructions contained in every box.  Essentially, the only rule is that the Kar must not weigh more than the stipulated maximum.  This means that the Kar can have extra bits to make it look good and add a little weight.

Adult help needed
We need adults to help Cubs get ready / generally be available to assist.  Each attending Pack must also have at least one adult with them who will be responsible for their Cubs on the day.

Information for Leaders
Please place your order and make payment by 31 December 2019.  Payment must be made before the kits are ordered; payment details have been sent to leaders by email.

The kits are ordered from Canada and can take 4 weeks to arrive, but you will be notified once the kits have arrived.  Collection will be from the 10th Oxford HQ.

If you have any questions please contact