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District Cub Sixer and Seconder Sleepover

33rd Oxford ‎‎(Kidlington)‎‎ Scout Group


: Saturday 29 February - Sunday 1 March 2020
: Drop off at 9am
Finish: Pick up at 2.30pm
Location: 33rd Oxford Scout HQ, Blenheim Road, Kidlington (see map)

Cost: £15 per Cub (Packs may charge more to cover their own expenses)

Wear: Arrive in uniform (jumper, scarf & woggle)

Bring: See suggested kit list on information sheet, but please check with your own Leader
Information for parents: parents information in PDF format - click here to download
Information for Leaders: leaders information in PDF format - click here to download

Cubs who currently have Sixer or Seconder stripes, are eligible to attend the District Sixer and Seconder sleepover. The sleepover offers a great opportunity for Sixers and Seconders to meet up with Cubs from other Packs in the area.

We are only able to take 36 Cubs on this sleepover.  Due to the popularity of the sleepover, and to make the allocation of places as fair as possible, parents are asked to sign up directly using the form below.  If your Cub would like to attend, please complete and submit this form as soon as possible.  Pack leaders will then be notified of whether your Cub has a space (if all spaces are taken they will be placed on the reserve list).

Please note that payment for the sleepover will still need to be made directly to your Pack Leader - they will collect this from you once places have been confirmed.

If your Cub cannot attend for the whole sleepover please do not sign them up - late arrivals/early pick-ups will not be possible as Cubs are working in teams (so it is unfair if team members are missing).  They will also be completing badge work which builds on what they learnt earlier in the sleepover and we will not have time to catch up anything that is missed.

Badge work

Participation goes towards the following staged badges:
  • Navigator Stage (stage 3), all requirements
  • Nights Away, +1
  • Hikes Away, +1
  • Chef: Hygiene, Meal, Methods
  • Adventure Challenge: Hike, Preparation
ADC Cubs,
30 Nov 2019, 01:21
ADC Cubs,
30 Nov 2019, 01:21