Adult Appointments & Training

Training is managed at County level. However, we have a local training manager and team of training advisers based in the District who ensure that everyone in Oxford Spires receives the training which they want and need.

Local Training Manager

Training Advisers

  • Lonnie Boggs

  • Val Butcher

  • Maria Chaundy

  • Shane Clarke

  • Lorraine Crowther

  • John Dawson

  • Colin Doling

  • Julia Hawkes

  • Jo Hawtin

  • Shelagh Hutson

  • Wendy Tatham

  • Rebecca Thomas

  • Duncan Vivian

  • Tony Wigley

  • Jonathan Yates

Nights Away Assessors

  • Colin Doling

  • David Eyles

  • Anthony Morris

  • Kevin Heydon

  • Naomi Heydon

  • Linda Phillips

How does the adult training scheme work?

The training scheme has been designed to ensure that you have all the skills that you will need for your role. The modules that you are required to complete change depending on what your role is:

  • Section Leaders and Assistant Leaders are required to complete modules 1-3 and 5-19

  • Managers (including District Commissioners, Scout Active Support Managers and Group Scout Leaders) are required to complete modules 1-2, 4-10 and 20-25

  • District Explorer Scout Commissioners are required to complete modules 1-2, 4-10, 12, 17 and 19-25

  • Assistant District Commissioners are required to complete modules 1-2, 4-10, 12, 17 and 19-23

  • Sectional Assistants may complete a wood badge (in which case they would complete the same modules as a Leader) but do not have to; however, they must complete module 1

  • Training Advisers and Nights Away Assessors do not receive a wood badge but must complete modules 1 and 25

  • Scout Active Support Members do not receive a wood badge but must complete module 1 and any other modules relevant to their particular role within the Group

  • Other appointments (for example Administrators, Chairmen, Secretaries and President) do not receive a wood badge but must complete module 1

When you are first appointed to a wood badge role, you will be given a provisional appointment. Once you complete modules 1-3 (leaders) or 1, 2 and 4 (managers and commissioners) this will become a full appointment. You will gain your wood badge when you have completed all of the required modules.

There are many additional modules which you can complete if you want but there is no requirement that you do so and many of them won’t be relevant to your role.

All wood badge holders are also required to complete five hours of ongoing learning each year. This fact sheet provides more information.

If you are changing role you may only need to do some of the training required for your new role. This fact sheet provides full details. If in doubt, please contact the Local Training Manager or your Training Adviser who will be able to advise further.

Who is responsible for my training?

You are!

As an adult, it is up to you to make sure that you have done all of the training that you need to do. That said, there are plenty of other people who will be there to guide you through the process and remind you of what you need to be doing.

Your line manager

For Section Leaders this will be your Group Scout Leader (GSL). For most managers this will be the District Commissioner (DC). Your line manager will be able to give you advice on training and will keep an eye on your progress, so they may remind you that you have modules to complete or prompt you to make contact with your Training Adviser.

Your Training Adviser (TA)

A TA will be assigned to you once you have been appointed. Your TA will talk to you about what you need to do and how you are going to validate all of the different modules. You will be given your TA’s contact details and you should get in touch with them as soon possible. However, don’t be surprised if they contact you if they have not heard from you within a couple of weeks of your appointment, as they will be keen to get a first meeting arranged.

When and where you meet is up to you and your TA – it will often be at either their house or your house but it’s also fine to meet at a Scout hut, in a café or even at the pub if that’s what suits you both. When you meet your TA it’s always a good idea to arrange a time for your next meeting, to ensure that you keep things moving

Please do remember that your TA is not responsible for training you or for telling you what training you need to do (though they can point you in the right direction). It is up to you to make your own arrangements for completing the required learning.

Your Local Training Manager (LTM)

Finally there is the LTM. Your LTM is responsible for overseeing all training within the District. If you have any questions before you are told who your TA is, or if you would prefer not to contact your TA for any reason (perhaps because things just aren’t working out with them) do feel free to get in touch with your LTM.

Do I have to attend training courses?

That depends on how much you already know and how you prefer to learn. The scheme takes into account prior experience and existing knowledge and offers various different leaning methods. A module is only complete when a TA validates it for you: attending a training course doesn’t mean that you have completed a module – you will still need to demonstrate to a TA that you have the knowledge and skills required – but equally you don’t need to attend training if you are already confident that you can do everything required. Your Adult’s Personal File sets out exactly what you need to do to have each module validated.

For modules where you feel that you do need to some additional learning before you can be validated, you have a number of choices (see the training resources section below for links to online materials and booking):

      • Training courses: these are run by the County and can be booked online – they take place in the evening or at the weekend and may cover just one module or multiple different modules.

      • Online videos / e-learning: these can be accessed through the Scouts website.

      • Workbooks and factsheets: these can be downloaded from the Scouts website.

      • One-to-one training: this can be given by anyone with the necessary skills – feel free to arrange it yourself or request it through the County website if you are struggling to attend a course but would like face to face training.

Most people meet with their own TA to have modules validated, but any TA is able to validate modules for you (for example during a County drop-in session, which you can also find out about through the County website). If you do have modules validated by a different TA please let your own TA know so that they can keep their own records up to date.

How long will my training take?

There is no minimum time: if you already have all of the knowledge and skills required then the only limitation is how much time you and your TA have available to get the modules validated.

However, by agreeing to take on the role you do commit to complete your training within specified time limits:

      • Modules 1-3 (leader) or 1, 2 and 4 (managers): these three modules cover the basic skills required for your role and they must be completed within five months of your appointment.

      • You must complete the remaining modules within three years of your appointment.

These time limits are strictly enforced and if you fail to have the modules validated within the time limits your appointment may be suspended. We do understand that there will sometimes be good reasons as to why you have been unable to do everything within these time limits, but you must ensure that your TA is aware if this is the case. Ensuring that our leaders are properly trained is very important – it means that parents and young people can have confidence in what we do. If you’re not willing or able to take it seriously then a leadership role may not be right for you.

How can I see what training I’ve had validated?

You should keep your own paper record, either in your Adult’s Personal File or on the separate sheet which your TA provides. Different TAs do things slightly differently but do make sure you ask them to sign your paper record for you.

In addition your TA will record all of your training in your member record on Compass, the Scout database. You can access your own record once you have created an online account: go to Compass and click on the Register, if you haven't done this already. You will need your membership number to register – if you’re not sure what this is just ask your TA or LTM. Once you have registered you can login and then click My Profile to see your details, including your training record. Signing up online also allows you to keep your personal details up to date and gives you access to extra resources.