Nights Away Permits


Information about gaining your nights away permit can be found here.

Ideally a Nights Away Assessor should be appointed to assessor your permit before you start the process of sending information out about the camp but at the very least 2 months before the camp takes place. To have a Nights Away Assessor appointed you need to contact Colin Doling -  Please attach the application form, filled in, that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page or include the information asked for on the form in the email.

Further Information

Type of Permit

Indoor - Participants on the camp stay indoors; All cooking etc is done indoors and the amenities are indoors. 

Campsite - Participants on the camp are camping and all the cooking etc happens outdoors “under canvas”. The only things allowed in buildings are toilets and showers. 

Greenfield - This means that you are camping in a field where the only amenity is a water tap!!! Everything is “under canvas”. 

Lightweight - This is for people wishing to do expedition camping and can be covered by a Greenfield permit. 

What to expect

The appointed assessor will want to meet up before the camp takes place; will visit you at the camp and will meet with you after the camp has finished, when the accounts are finalised.  The paperwork the assessor will need to see before the event is listed below: 

        Letter/info to parents/permission form.

        Budget for the camp - showing predicted income and expenditure

        Blank Copy of Child and Adult Health Form



        Risk Assessments

        Equipment List with numbers

        Shopping List with quantities

        In-Touch detail

        A copy of the NAN Form (The NAN form for the camp should be with the District Commissioner at least one week before the camp). 

You will need a leader on the camp that has a nights away permit appropriate for the type of camp that you are doing.  The permit holder along with your assessor should make sure that you have completed all the requirements to ensure the camp can go ahead.  (If they have to spend all their time chasing you about things to be done you are unlikely to achieve your permit).  Both the permit holder and the Nights Away Assessor are here to help you so if in doubt ask!

At the bottom of this page is a copy of the Nights Away Application Form,  the Assessment Checklist and a Nights Away Notification (NAN)

A web based NAN form can be found in the sidebar section Links for Leaders under resources.