Explorer Scouts

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How old are Explorer Scouts?

Explorer Scouts are the fourth section in the Scout Association. Members are usually aged between 14 and 18, though young people can join any time between the age of 13½ and 14½. They move to the next Section, Scout Network, as they are approaching their 18th birthday (any time after they turn 17½) - members cannot remain in Explorer Scouts once they have turned 18. Some Explorer Scouts will also have  Young Leader role, helping at another Section.

What do Explorer Scouts do?

Most Explorers meet once a week for about two hours, though there will often be some flexibility with this, particularly during exam periods. A group of Explorer Scouts is called a Unit. Units do not form part of a Scout Group, though many will have close links with a particular Group. 

Explorer Scouts can work towards a range of ambitious badges and awards, including the Duke of Edinburgh award, through which they can demonstrate their proficiencies and expand their interests. Camping and hiking are usually important activities in the Explorer Scout calendar. Lots of Explorer Scouts also get the opportunity to travel abroad to international events such as jamborees.

Explorer Scouts regularly get the chance to work with other Explorer Scouts in their District or County, not just their own Unit, so can take part in an even wider spectrum of activities. 

Scout Promise
On my honour
I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God
and to the King
To help other people
And to keep the
Scout Law

What do Explorer Scouts wear?

Explorer Scouts wear a beige shirt or blouse with a Unit scarf (or a Group one if there is a partnership agreement), and navy blue activity trousers or skirt with a Scout belt. They can wear an Explorer Belt and buckle if this has been awarded. Official uniform clothing can be bought from local uniform suppliers and also online from the Scout Shop.